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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Hi everyone, I’d like to start to work Uber in Ontario and I’m resident of Niagara region. Uber requires me to obtain TNC license from Niagara. TNC license require to acquire O.E.F 6A - Permission to carry passenger document from my Insurance company. I’m with Intact insurance and they say...
  2. Las Vegas
    The Caesars drop off / pick up location seems to be accessible only from LVB South. Is there any other way to access it that I'm unaware of? If I was coming from the airport and had a drop off at Caesars, would it be better to take University Center ➡ Paradise ➡ Sands ➡ LVB South? Of just drive...
  3. Complaints
    Do I need a TNC inspection if I work out of NH? Yes or no? And if so, isn't it due in my regular inspection month? Thanks for your help. Mike
  4. Insurance
    New driver here. Everything has been approved except I need the TNC. I called the help line but got a message they are not offering phone support. The hub is closed. How do I get the TNC? I'm in Las Vegas, NV
  5. Seattle
    Lyft and Uber cars line up to take passengers on Boren Avenue North near John Street. (Greg Gilbert / The Seattle Times) Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan's policy advisers prepared a draft proposal for a new tax on Uber and Lyft months ago, including how the money might be spent, public records show...
  6. Minneapolis
    As many of you know a bill has been introduced in the Minnesota state legislature to regulate TNC companies like Uber and Lyft statewide. This bill is a great thing for Uber and Lyft as the bill would not permit municipalities to enact stricter laws. This is also the time that Uber and Lyft...
  7. Autonomous
    Google's autonomous driving company Waymo will soon make its official debut as a full-scale service on public streets. Arizona gave Waymo transportation network company (TNC) status on January 24, following the company's application on January 12 With its new TNC status, Waymo can start...
  8. Insurance
    It's going on a decade and I still can't find any data on Uber and Lyft composite rate insurance. I know there is no way they are paying full price for commercial fleet liability, but I can't find any information on the internet, nor will James River disclose this information. I've been...
  9. Seattle
    So confused....I’ve tried uploading the decal, a pic of it on my car. I’ve tried just the card, and the blown up pic on my car. How can I fix this so I can do rematch? Thanks!
  10. Long Island
    Just a few questions. I’ve researched the Hyrecar platform and although it is a bit buggy it does seem lucrative if utilized correctly. My main concern... is there any data showing the demand for cars to rent for ridesharing on Long Island? I have a few contacts that can get me hybrid vehicles...
  11. Boston
    Not sure if they were actually napping but two drivers needed to be jumped at the lot. I don't carry cables so I couldn't help them. If your going to turn your car off remember to turn off your headlights too!
  12. Insurance
    My brother in law out in California just bought a rideshare. I checked their website and it doesn't say its available but he said they just started offering it so it may not be online yet. I'm gonna check back tomorrow and post back what I find. I know alot of people have been waiting on...
  13. Houston
    Hello, My temp permit for TNC was confiscated while picking up passengers at IAH. The lady who took it said she'd "see me in court". I have no idea what court, who she was, and what is going on. I've only been driving two months and hadn't yet updated my permit for my new car. Didn't realize...
  14. Washington DC
    The researchers analysed the lifestyles of more than 500,000 Britons aged between 37 and 73 over five years, during which they took intelligence and memory tests. The 93,000 people who drove more than two to three hours a day typically had lower brainpower at the start of the study, which kept...
  15. Rockland & Westchester
    Most new drivers may not understand the huge amount of risk they are assuming because no one makes any effort to tell them. Read on and find out how to best protect yourself including what Uber, Lyft, and other app-based Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) neglected to tell you and what...
  16. Insurance
    Agents London - Inshur - http://bit.ly/inshurLondon inshurWhiz California - SafeButler - https://safebutler.com/uber/?ck=up01 - Compare price and more TaroTeaFan New Jersey - Young Alfred - https://youngalfred.com/get-started - 215.586.5055 - [email protected] New York -...
  17. Rockland & Westchester
    Please reply if you find insurers that write personal (non-commercial) policies for rideshare/Uber drivers in New York State. Even though many insurers do this in other states, it is really hard to find in NY State. Up until now TLC drivers in NYC had expensive commercial insurance. However, TNC...
  18. Rockland & Westchester
    This if for people who have CDLs and Taxi License Plates. Some have even invested in expensive medallions. What is the best course of action with the new TNC law, effective June 29, 2017? Unfortunately, you are now experiencing the next phase of what Uber has been doing to taxi drivers in other...
  19. Connecticut
    We've been awaiting clarifications. Here are some, but not all. Definitions: TNC: a Transportation Network Company like Uber and Lyft TNC Driver: any driver approved by a TNC TNC Rider: a PAX picked up anywhere in Upstate-NY ___________________________ Uber, Lyft, etc. must fill out a TNC...
  20. Miami
    Juno got bought out but now there is Gett and perhaps some hope for the future. https://gett.com/about/
1-20 of 51 Results