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  1. Houston
    I used to be able to see how many cars were in queue in the app.. now when I click on the iah P it doesn’t tell me how many cars are in queue unless I drive to the lot.. does anyone else experience this issue? How can I fix it?
  2. Boston
    While I was UBERing last night I noticed the signage that the APP/Ride TNC staging lot is being MOVED on Monday 8/27. Does anybody here have any information on where its moving to? Hopefully its still convenient to reaching the terminals quickly. On a side note im glad they are moving...
  3. Washington DC
    It hasn't surged there in about 2 weeks. But there's surge around the airport and even in the Potomac! I think Uber decided to stop surging the airport once they started that construction project. It makes no sense. Construction doesn't create surge- demand does. They are operating under the...
  4. Washington DC
    Ok who's the wiseguy who emailed Google to put a hotel sign on the TNC lot at BWI lmao
  5. Washington DC
    This morning I took a rider from the Gaylord Resort to DCA. Out of curiosity I always want to see how many drivers are camping out in the TNC lot once I arrive at the airport. The count was 105 when I checked but soon after I let the rider out I got requested to pick up a rider at one of the...
  6. Houston
    Yesterday, 30 November, I was driving into the TNC lot on Lee when an official vehicle pulled in ahead of me, blocked the entrance, and told me to move on. He stated "there was an incident" in the lot. No details. Does anyone have any information to share on what happened?
  7. Washington DC
    Text from Lyft about honking and loitering, waiting for DCA lot to open. Seriously... what losers hurry there to hang out in the morning. - Do flights even come in that early??
  8. Washington DC
    WHy WHy do throngs of drivers hang out there...I don't get it. I was 7 in the cue from just north of Olde Towne.. I was shocked to see the lot packed to the brim. And I gotta edge my way around Calcutta marketplace because I ACTUALLY HAVE A RIDE... WHAT THAT LOT IS ACTUALLY DESIGNED FOR!! Wish...
  9. Washington DC
    This is in TNC lot at DCA. Someone living out of their car?? Lol. Or did a driver make a pesky stool pax, "Disappear"?
1-10 of 10 Results