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  1. Brisbane
    Ride-booking industry The Queensland Government is introducing vital reforms for the personalised transport industry that will promote greater choice for customers, while ensuring safety, accessibility, affordability and accountability for everyone. The changes will ensure that Queensland's...
  2. Brisbane
    Saturday, 04:32 30/04/2016 Uber's future in Queensland is uncertain after The Department of Transport & Main Roads (TMR) with the help of Police launched a city-wide crackdown on illegal taxi drivers. The joint operation begun early on Friday evening and is set to continue into the long...
  3. Brisbane
    So I was picking up a passenger the other night when this guy walked up to my window and started filming me. He shouted "leave now! YOU ARE AN ILLLEGAL" When I asked him what organisation he worked for he wouldn't answer but just says that I would be receiving a fine in the mail for being in a...
1-3 of 3 Results