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  1. Advice
    I drive for both Uber and Lyft. I'm approved to drive in Missouri by Uber, and Missouri and Salt Lake City by Lyft. I want to visit and stay with a friend in NYC, and I can stay much longer if I can earn money by driving. I'm hoping to stay for at least a month. It looks like NYC wants me to...
  2. New York City
    I have D class license from New Jersey State, Can I get TLC license with that from NYC? Thanks
  3. New York City
    Recently I got a ticket from TLC agent for not displaying a TLC license while I was dropping off my gf. He asked me who is she, I said this is my gf, but still mentioned on the ticket that I had a passenger. Do I have to display TLC license even when I'm driving my car for personal use? And can...
  4. Licensed
    i passed my tlc test i did my drug test , finger print and everything so my license should come in the mail in about 3 weeks but I don’t have a tlc licensed car and uber won’t let me rent because I’ve only had my license for about 4 months even though I’ve driven more that 1,000 miles In a...
  5. New York City
    So I'm currently in the process of acquiring my TLC license to drive Uber & Lyft in New York City. I'm aware I must have all my tickets paid "Traffic/Parking" or the TLC will hold my license once I pass the Exam but do I need to also have my Ez Pass tickets that are past due paid as well in...
  6. New York City
    I can understand the licensing process but what purpose do these TLC Agents serve? Honestly, I think of them as a classic example of 'Big Liberal Government'. Is there nothing better these losers can do in society? They offer no economic value or benefit. NYPD could easily perform their...
  7. Rockland & Westchester
    currently live in yonkers needed to know if you needed a tlc license to be an uber driver here ?
  8. New York City
    My FHV license says it expires 2019. Do I have to pay the 252 yearly or only when it expires? Just want to make sure Thanks
  9. New York City
    I've been waiting for over 2 weeks since my status changed to "approved - license issued".
  10. New York City
    We just launched our INSHUR TLC insurance app in New York City. Drivers can now download the free app, take a picture of their TLC license and instantly receive quotes from top carriers. Best of all, you can purchase the policy straight from the app and your documents are kept securely saved. We...
  11. New York City
    I passed TLC exam (FHV/Medallion) 3 days ago. And I completed all the steps required to get the license. I wonder how many more days I need to wait to get my TLC license.
  12. New York City
    Hey guys and gals wasn't sure where I should post this question. But here goes nothing. So. what's doing. So I finished the 24 hour course. Less than a week ago. I wanted to leave myself some time to try and study for exam. And my exam is scheduled for this Monday. I'm kind of stressing...
  13. New York City
    I applied for my Tlc license as of june 27,2016, i had my dmv licence revoked on november 24,2014. I also have a open case for smoking weed in the past which i have a court date for august 7th ,but its nothing serious, considering i was not convicted of a DUI, but refused a chemical test my DMV...
  14. New York City
    Recently I got my driving licence for the first time. I already upgraded it to class E. Before applying for TLC FHV license should I have to wait 6 months or can I apply now? Someone told me that one has to wait 6 months after getting driver licence to apply for TLC FHV license.
  15. New York City
    So I filled out part a and b of my application and got an appointment in 2 weeks just now. My question is A) what will happen at that appointment B) what do I bring? (the appointment email just says bring your "documents") And C) Do they.... ahem.... Do the drug test that day? D) Do I get...
1-15 of 15 Results