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  1. Advice
    I currently have up to date TLC license and my dmv registration is all up to date. BUT my TLC Diamond, vehicle inspection Diamond is expired. Can I transfer these current plates with my expired diamond to a new vehicle? How long can I with the Diamond being expired? TLC is no Help Thanks
  2. New York City
    Hey, so I want to finance a new car and transfer over my TLC plate to the new car. However, from previous experience, I know that TLC Inspection at woodside used to take months to schedule an inspection date. Given, no more new TLC cars can be registered in the city, does it have any impact on...
  3. New York City
    Does TLC always fail drivers when they get their car inspected in Woodside? When I went there 2 yrs ago with my 2yr old car, I was super prepared. I changed the brakes, oil, tires and had a full inspection at the mechanic before arriving. TLC failed me because I didn't have a "NYC Green"...
  4. New York City
    Guys my friend has a tlc inspection appointment tomorrow morning, however he cant go himself due to health issue, can he send someone esle who has TLC license to drive his car and get it inspected OR he must drive it himself since he is the owner?
  5. New York City
    I want to the tlc inspection I passed but they didn't say anything about anything and just got a latter saying that I had a Violation of and I was supposed to fix it by 09/14 and today is 09/26 what I'm supposed to do now
  6. New York City
    Taxi/fhv Relief stands https://www.dropbox.com/s/oamc431wbi8su7l/Taxi%20relief%20stand1.pdf?dl=0 Police precincts of NY https://www.dropbox.com/s/ldt4c6iu4hn8cfy/Police%20precients%20of%20ny.pdf?dl=0 Red light + speed cameras...
  7. New York City
    Check all the bulbs, including number plate bulbs Also it's best not to change brakes in inspection week. Add tips/ tricks if you like... Good Luck
  8. New York City
    Just got my plates today, anything that needs a second look for the inspection?
1-8 of 8 Results