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  1. New York City
    I think tlc will force drivers to the vaccine or get suspended.
  2. New York City
    i have my inspection on friday, i just found out i need to get vision zero stickers from uber, is there anything else j would need to take along with me on that day? thanks
  3. New York City
    Hello, I do have NY drivers lisence but not TLC, can I still register TLC car plates under my name? Just so my bf can drive my car (he has TLC drivers liscence but car is under my name.... please help
  4. New York City
    I can understand the licensing process but what purpose do these TLC Agents serve? Honestly, I think of them as a classic example of 'Big Liberal Government'. Is there nothing better these losers can do in society? They offer no economic value or benefit. NYPD could easily perform their...
1-4 of 4 Results