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  1. Miami
    I re-started driving for the first time in 15 months and out of 10 rides, 6 riders tipped! Pre-pandemic was generally less than 20% or 2 in 10 tipped! Is this a new normal or just re-starter luck?
  2. Chicago
    In the before times I would usually get minimum 1-2 tips a night. Now I’m lucky to get one every 3-4 nights. Same car. Same hours. Same friendly service. Are the current higher prices that much of an impact on tips? I mean if you are paying $60 to get back to the burbs after a night of...
  3. Advice
    In Chicago, there is a lot of demand for rides, so I try to avoid waiting too long to get a fare, especially if it is a low surge. I usually hit the “I have arrived” when I am 1 min away, and that seems to do well, but I’m still finding people making me wait for 3-5 mins. I grew impatient...
  4. Pay
    Just curious what your averages are, does your Uber pay average higher or lower than the tips. What the largest tip you received, and how many (as percentage) tip upfront and go back in and update higher tip amount. What is your hourly rate of pay and pay per delivery. Just curious. TIA
  5. UberEATS
    Saturday night at my first UE pickup for the day I spoke with a guy who does both PM and UE. He went on to tell me he gets lots of good tips (in the $8-10 range) with PM and very few tips with UE. I was floored. I told him that about 90% (or more) of my UE deliveries pay tips. He then said...
  6. Complaints
    I am a very frequent Uber and occasionally Lyft customer. I use Uber roughly 10-12 times per week, and Lyft only when I can’t get a ride in a timely fashion. I simply prefer not to drive and do not like the metro in DC. I follow the news closely and came across this forum after searching...
  7. UberEATS
    Hey, is anyone else only receiving tips but not their actual UberEats fares? I’m only receiving the tips, Uber is aware that I have made 10 deliveries today, it shows that part in the app but I have only received the tips for those deliveries.
  8. Complaints
    There ought to be a special place in hell for wait-staff who take Uber and then do not tip. Shockingly this is true for the majority of servers that I have driven. The hypocrisy is staggering.
  9. New Jersey
    For food delivery, I'm thinking about getting a retro 70's custom uniform made with bell bottom pants and white platform shoes. To complete the look, l plan to grow a 70's porn star moustache and large sideburns. My hope is that the millennials will appreciate the effort and tip well. And l...
  10. UberEATS
    what do you guys do to get a higher % chance of the customer tipping you? -Deliver on time/quickly? -Communication text/calling? -Writing "have a nice day"? -Giving mints/gum? tell me your advice or secret strategies to gain more cash/in-app tips! :thumbup:
  11. Canberra
    Email received at 3.24 pm on Wednesday 1 July 2020: Hi Jack, We're excited to let you know that the tipping feature on our app is live! This gives you a great chance to be rewarded for going above and beyond for your riders. We also want you to know that we don't take any commission...
  12. News
    https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2020/06/06/instacart-wants-crack-down-tip-baiting-new-policy/3163331001/ Instacart's latest policy will give you less time to change a tip after delivery Instacart is revising it's tipping policy to keep users from taking advantage of the system by "tip...
  13. Seattle
    As Rideshare drivers, most times we just want to hurry up and get Pax from point A to B. However occasionally the conversation that transpires in my car becomes so fascinating that at the end of the ride, both the Pax and myself didn't want to finish discussing the topic, with both of us having...
  14. Complaints
    Eleven and a half hours last night, 27 total trips. Only one tip the entire night. Here we are the following day and I check for delayed tips. NONE. :( On the plus side, someone left a nice knife in my car. Think I'll keep it.
  15. Pay
    To the tune of that lion king song- I can see who’s tipping. Yes, they show me who. And at night when I go to touch myself, If you tip I’ll think of you~
  16. Chicago
    Use the power Uberpeople and Google Reviews to help other drivers know what places help us make money and what places hurt our ability to make money. Dunkin at Naper and 75th. Add 30% to the earnings quote after tip. Minimal wait at the restaurant. Highly recommend. McDonald's at Naper by...
  17. Tips
    I ran ubereats for a few months on Saturdays last year. initially I was beyond irritated because the pay was so ungodly low for using my car, and Uber said customers were allowed to give tips. Then I realized that there was basically a secret document I had to authorize to allow tips that wasn't...
  18. Tips
    I think we need better systems to expose no tippers that hose Uber drivers can t we update the system where a passenger s ratings come up before our Uber drivers pick up the passenger? That way no tippers will come up with zero star ratings and then they can wait a bit.
1-18 of 500 Results