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  1. San Francisco
    Not the biggest tip I've gotten, but definitely the best 'in app' tip to date, especially considering the ride was a $5 payout. You know you did something proper when a tip like this arrives over 24 hrs after completing the ride.
  2. Tips
    I actually had a decent number of cash tips this weekend. Got $12 on Friday, $32 on Saturday and $19 on Sunday. Maybe it was the beautiful, sunny weather in SoCal for the first time in a while that did it. Maybe people all got paid and were feeling generous. Maybe it was the scent of the apple...
  3. Complaints
    If uber is offering a place for riders to insert tips where are they in our pay
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    49 bucks good? This is just cash tips from uber pax. I used to get 5 or so bucks a week on Lyft app and a 10 note or 20 note every other week or so from an u-er pax. It is good for me but I wonder if it is low for people without a sign. And for all wondering, yes rating went down .01. No pax...
  5. Complaints
    Just gave his new show 1 star on Netflix. I haven't watched it and never will. Revenge is SWEET!!
1-5 of 5 Results