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  1. Tips
    On riders profile Uber could show how many trips they've taken and how many tips they've given. Would this get more riders to tip instead of increasing prices ?
  2. San Francisco
    We just work for tips right
  3. Stories
    This is by far my favorite Uber ride I've ever accepted... So last night I happened to turn on Uber on my way home from my full-time job. I had a request from our small jet airport in small city, Wisconsin. I get out of the car to help these pax with their bags and right away I get the comment...
  4. Phoenix
    Uber decided to do tip matching again. Okay cool let's all meet up and tip $100 :cool:
  5. Tips
    I dropped a passenger off last night and right before I was about to drive away she came back and said she tried to leave a tip on the app, but that her screen said I was not set up to receive tips - she showed me her phone and that's exactly what it said. Apparently I have to "opt in" to...
  6. Tips
    I'm starting to receive a increase in tips and wonder if the word is finally getting out to pax that there is no issue in tipping drivers?
  7. San Francisco
    So who's tipping you? Don't be scared to profile. We all do it. There are some surprises here and there, but we all generally know where our tips are coming from.
1-7 of 7 Results