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  1. Richmond
    I need to address this tipping issue, as I've been learning a LOT over the past several months...several very important issues I've learned from RIDERS!! First of all, I've put a little sign up on the back of my passenger seat stating exactly this; "ALTHOUGH TIPPING IS NOT EXPECTED, IT IS...
  2. Chicago
    I deleted the app when they took away our ability to see other cars and downloaded it again today when so I could get a ride home from dropping my car off for brakes. Thus is the first screen I saw when I started the download. I thought they had to quit saying no tips but I guess I'm wrong.
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    How many times have you broken your back loading heavy bags into your car for a trip to the airport and when you get there the pax smiles and shakes your hand? Kind of like a handshake instead of a kiss? You know what I mean. You take the girl out and over spend on dinner and a movie and then...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Thanks to the big U, the pubic is rethinking the notion of tipping. For years, people would call upon a taxi to get them to their destination and gladly tip when the ride was over. They would tip even it the taxi smelled of smoke, or vomit, or urine, or the driver was rude because they...
  5. Dallas
    Finally I hit the Jackpot, I accepted a ping from love field for a rider with a 5.0 rating, got to the transportation network area and called, they informed me that they were at baggage claim, I replied by we can't pick up from there and that I need them to come down downstairs and I will...
  6. Tips
    So no more talk about deactivation for soliciting tips.
  7. San Diego
    I had a ride yesterday that made my night. It wasn't the longest, it didn't have the biggest surge, and it wasn't the most profitable. What it did have, however, was a pax who gets it. The trip was from this guys apartment, down to a local Chevron station. Come to find out, he works graveyard...
1-7 of 8 Results