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  1. Dallas
    I went 0-20 last couple of days in tips. What's concering is some of them are repeat customers and they tipped every single time in the past. I drive only black and every now and then I turn on select, so my customer pool in my area is small and 90% are repeat riders who I picked up in the past...
  2. Tips
    read my email! this is one of 5 email i sent to Uber today
  3. Stories
    I walked in the house and said..... "Hey hon.... you know all those $1's I keep in my car??? I just gave all of them to a stripper!" The look on her face.......... Let me back up..... I got a ping to an area that I would have bet money was going to be an airport run. I arrived and texted my...
1-3 of 3 Results