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  1. Tips
    Has anyone had success using an original TIP SIGN in your car? Which idea works best? Mine uses humor and it delivers tips daily. Share your Tip Sign story.
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So I'm thinking about putting a tip sign in the back seat as a reminder to the pax that Uber now offers a tipping feature on the app when you rate your driver. I saw some signs on eBay to purchase but I thought they were a little Dopey over the top. I just feel that the Pax need to be reminded...
  3. Tips
    Check out this tip sign from an Uber driver -- Larissa -- I found posted on reddit this afternoon. Turns out we have been doing it all wrong! Anyone happen to know which network offers the best in-car mobile internet so I can give free Wi-Fi @ $0.75/mile? :confused: Oh and I don't think...
  4. Tips
    1. Look at your phone... Everywhere you see a driver with a nicer newer car waiting to get you home safely. Look at the nearby cab... Explain why you tipped them but not us. 2. Would you give your waiter or bartender a 5 star yelp review? Thank you and five stars do not fill a gas tank. 3. I...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Lol, today I have been back to LAX three times. Each time my tip sign has caught the attention of other drivers. Get your own sign! Lol lol lol. All I did was a simple Google search "funny tip signs" Don't everybody go and copy my sign. Yall drivers are so thirsty! Anyway, this brings me to a...
  6. Technology
    I know most experienced drivers will hate the slides and the idea. But as long as I get results it's a winner. This also should help illuminate the front passenger PAX for the cheap dash camera I purchased. I have an aftermarket backup camera on the headliner by the dome light and sunglass...
  7. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hey guys. I've decided to put signage up in my car. I'd like some feedback. Not whether or not I should do it at all or not, because I am. But feedback on wordage/presentation. Thanks! :)
1-7 of 7 Results