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  1. Washington DC
    Got a ping in downtown Bethesda at 1.8X surge. Drunk gets in, I make sure it's the right drunk. It is. I hit start trip, see 'Gambrills MD' (near Odenton/Jessup) & internally grin ear to ear. 1.8X to Gambrills = Chaching. I ask the drunk to put his specific address in the app. He winds up...
  2. Chicago
    I wanted to know what everyone's experience is with Uber's timeouts for not accepting pings. A recent thread linked to an article that finally confirmed they exist as we all suspected. Personally at a $32 guarantee I accept 100% blindly. My incentive was different this week so I'm being more...
  3. Wellington, NZ
    Has anyone noticed Uber making drivers unavailable after ignoring a single request, cancelling a ride or simply logging off then back on within a few minutes? There is also no notice you simply stop getting requests and your icon is not on the rider app.
1-3 of 3 Results