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  1. Melbourne
    Huge laugh today as I was delivering pax to Brunswick, new job pinged around the corner. Headed off to collect rider to notice “rider is walking to the pickup point” D’OH! It’s pool! I hadn’t noticed the minuscule “pool” identifier because the sun was in my face and I was busy seeing off my...
  2. Perth
    Waited within viewing distance of Victoria Quay this morning and observed literally hundreds of people disembarking from their crui$$$$e ship. A trickle took taxis who were queuing , none requested Uber, most were standing around for ages presumably waiting for a friend or relative to pick them...
  3. Perth
    Okay, so anyone got any tricks to making the tightarsed Perth riders to tip? I know it's not really part of culture here but always worth a shot right? Some subtle way of making the pax feel shit if they don't tip.. Hmm
1-3 of 3 Results