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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Apparently, as was discussed here earlier, Uber tries throttle drivers who know how to work surge. I live in a busy area of Orange County and it takes a while to get requests at the peak of good healthy surges. I've recently noticed on a couple occasions that passengers were not happy to be...
  2. Complaints
    Right there in the app. It clearly says they will throttle you based on acceptance rate. We tell these people who we will pickup not the other way around. Are we ready to do something about these subhumans yet? Uber needs to fear us not the other way around
  3. San Francisco
    So uber now shows in their app the threat. While they cant deactivate you for acceptance rate, they can and will throttle you Awesome. have we had enough of these subhumans yet?
  4. Lyft
    so. Doing the weak power driver bonus Lowest of them is the 80-40 for 185. Lol. (Sidenote: not everyone had their pdb cut. Some still have the lowest tier which is 75 still and apparently there are still people on a weekly gurantee of 1500. Awesome lyft. Just awesome. Throttling...
1-4 of 4 Results