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  1. Stories
    Thankfully with forums websites, when I hear other drivers having the same or worse stories, it just makes me feel better because now I feel more relieved as everyone has to through many BS! Just a shoutout.
  2. Houston
    Ok... i just take a 4$ trip from iah to a close gas station, i was waiting for 1 hour there i let her 5 stars to see if she let me some kind of tip but not tip, now i want to change her rating to 1 star but apparently uber no longer has the option to change the ratings thanks uber...
  3. Tampa
    I hit my goal, and am going to fly to Vietianne Laos on Saturday morning! I started driving in January, and banged around the entire Bay area about 4 to 5 days a week. I really enjoyed meeting some great people, and I guess I was fortunate because really only had 1 bad pax. She was just an...
  4. Complaints
    Like most of you, I used to complain about how Lyft and Uber treat their drivers badly etc... Until today, I realize, that without them, most of us will not have the luxury to work whenever we like, be our own boss, and pocket a nice lum sum every week. Even without a car, you can lease one and...
1-4 of 4 Results