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  1. Chicago
    "I am here." It must be a preset button like our app's "I have arrived." Useless if you're already at the pickup point and they're nowhere to be seen. Okay not useless-it's a signal for troubleshooting but at least indicates they're (allegedly) on the lookout...somewhere. Ad nauseam (related...
  2. Technology
    I'm a fan of GroupMe, group texting app, I'm curious what messaging apps other drivers use.
  3. New Jersey
    Uber is starting to roll out a new in-app chat feature globally today, which will allow riders to send text messages directly to their driver once they book a ride, and vice versa. The new feature replaces the somewhat clunky mechanism of SMS for text communication between rider and driver...
  4. Lyft
    Tried to reply to text from pax, got msg "This is Lyft. We could not forward your message." Is that always the case or was it evidently something specific on this one. (My call attempts went unanswered also and pax started texting me after my call attempts.)
  5. Sydney
    A 'sixth sense' may protect drivers, except while texting By Kathryn Doyle n">(Reuters Health) - A coping mechanism that keeps part of the brain's attention on the road and the steering wheel lets experienced drivers tolerate many mental stresses and distractions, researchers say, but texting...
1-5 of 5 Results