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  1. Seattle
    King County group sends out at-home tests 'to better predict' spread of virus BY NICK BOWMAN MARCH 25, 2020 AT 8:42 AM SCAN is looking to send at-home test kits. (Greater Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network) Countries that have been successful in their fights against coronavirus have made...
  2. Lyft
    anyone else see this? I haven't gotten to test it yet since my acceptance rate is 65% from last week and it doesn't reset anymore due to the rolling 7 days acceptance rate now. Considering trying to get my acceptance rate up to 90% to test it today to see if it's worth it
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Curious if any of you know how long the airport placards are supposed to be valid for?? Are they good indefinitely? Just for a year? Or just for that vehicle? I took, passed, and received my placard some 2 years back. Since then, I've had to switch to a different vehicle, but since the placards...
  4. Tips
    Is Uber withholding a percentage of in-App tips from drivers? Supposedly, Uber passes 100% of tips through to the driver without deducting any fees. How can drivers possibly know if this is true or not? Perhaps, part of the real reason that Uber finally implemented in-App tipping (in addition to...
1-4 of 4 Results