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  1. Brisbane
    Im hearing its costing drivers close to $3000 P.A for insurance on a Tesla used for Rideshare?
  2. New Jersey
    https://roboticsandautomationnews.com/2021/06/23/tesla-to-launch-ridesharing-app-with-teslas-driver-insurance/44028/ Looks like there's going to be a huge shift in the gig industry, especially, when a giant such as Tesla enters rideshare... They have about 20$ billion worth of Bitcoin that can...
  3. News
    “What we will not allow is the opportunity for another corporation — venture capitalists or otherwise — to flood our streets with additional cars.” https://apple.news/AlzAYS0umR4-wUTj7JUcEPA
  4. New York City
    I am trying buy car for uber driving cause renting to much money. i know plates is only handicap and tesla cars but i dont know which one is good for making money. which one is better for money? tesla is very nice driving smooth but i think maybe handicap van very good for promotion for uber...
  5. New York City
    I've seen a lot of posts warning about how much of a terrible decision it is to purchase a Tesla Model 3 for Uber/Lyft and sorry if I'm adding spam but I still haven't seen any actual testimonies in the blog from somebody who's actually done it. I encounter 2 TLC Tesla Model 3 drivers on red...
  6. Vehicles
    Hi folks - It's pretty well understood that EVs save money on gas and maintenance, but the upfront cost of the car + a home charger keeps many from getting one for rideshare duties. Would you be interested in leasing a Chevy Bolt for $99/mo + 10¢/mile for 36 months? Includes maintenance...
  7. Toronto (Ontario)
    Recently re-started driving but only using destination fares when my 9-5 job has me going places. Live in Newmarket and often commute to Toronto for work. Work will pay me about $60 for round trip. Destination on way down and way back allows me to make maybe $0, or $50-$100 extra there and back...
  8. Autonomous
  9. Autonomous
    Looks like the quirks of Tesla's SUMMON feature are popping up in parking lot videos across the country. https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/30/20891343/tesla-smart-summon-feature-videos-parking-accidents
  10. Autonomous
    https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/tesla-more-production-hiring-fremont-report/ With demand seemingly holding strong, it looks like Tesla is prepped to make Q3 even better than the quarter before. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/02/tesla-q2-2019-production-and-delivery-numbers.html
  11. New York City
    https://amp.businessinsider.com/tesla-robo-taxis-elon-musk-pt-barnum-circus-2019-4 Everyone cash in on your retirement... .18 cents a mile cost to operate Charge 1 dollar a mile Projected income 30k per year...
  12. Brisbane
    Time is ticking faster for those people who heckled the idea as "not in my lifetime". Drivers can be thankful of how the Australian govt has been going with any advancement in tech, so will buy a couple years once the rest of the world has evolved into the future. As per most other...
  13. Autonomous
  14. Autonomous
    If you're thinking that this might have been a publicity stunt, well, so are lots of people. Teslas don't have a "full self-driving" mode. Autopilot, the automaker's semiautonomous system, is made for highways, not the sort of private road shown in a video of the alleged crash published by the...
  15. Technology
    https://medium.com/@parismarx/the-bullshit-company-95e97dc01802?sk=1c1348c6781dbc2629be776a128b97ef "Elon Musk is not an innovator; he's a narcissist who thinks he knows better than the experts in the fields he decides to enter. Most people wouldn't get away with such hubris, but Musk has...
  16. Autonomous
    The Deadly Recklessness of the Self-Driving Car Industry https://gizmodo.com/the-deadly-recklessness-of-the-self-driving-car-industr-1831027948 Tesla's team knows that some drivers are going to use Autopilot as an actual self-driving mode or otherwise end up relying fully on the system. And...
  17. Chicago
    Tesla 'obviously' plans to take on Uber and Lyft, says CEO Elon Musk This might get interesting.... https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/24/elon-musk-tesla-will-cpmpete-with-uber-and-lyft.html
  18. Toronto (Ontario)
    i thought Tesla made it clear that the Model3 was not to be used on Uber/Lyft platforms. And yet, I saw a red Model3 on the 401 today with Uber sticker in back window. Does Uber allow Tesla Model 3 on the platform?
  19. Washington DC
    Someone brought their Tesla Model 6 out to collect some Uber $.
  20. Washington DC
    Love this cars. I think is the future. Tesla , Prius, BMW, Nissan Leaf. All of them are the way to go. Smart cars. Look st this guy puting this things togheter. That's is genius.
1-20 of 53 Results