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  1. Orlando
    I’m at wawa the only only with Tesla fast charge stations. I see a model X pull up to get some juice, I looking at the riders app as he pulls right next to me. So, I take off and park myself at the Baymont. As I’m looking at the riders app the Select is gone, I see it going in at the Crown...
  2. Autonomous
    For anyone considering Ubering in a Tesla Model 3 or UberLux with a Model S or X: "Please note also that using a self-driving Tesla for car sharing and ride hailing for friends and family is fine, but doing so for revenue purposes will only be permissible on the Tesla Network, details of which...
  3. Las Vegas
    I saw a triple black Tesla Model X with Uber trade dress last night at the Cosmopolitan. I was impressed that someone with an $80,000 -$120,000 car has made it available to Uber riders. It's going to be a great test of the falcon wing doors.
1-3 of 3 Results