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  1. Notifications
    I'm bored so I am slogging through the Uber Community Guidelines:United States and Canada . Look what I just learned in bold.
  2. Advice
    Does anyone have copies of the recent TOS (terms of service)? How much have they been changing?
  3. Lyft
    Got this email today from Lyft. "To reflect new ride options and features, we're updating our Terms of Service ("Terms"). Changes include language to address bike and scooter offerings, default tipping options for drivers, and our wheelchair policy. Terms regarding the Lyft referral program...
  4. Canberra
    GoCatch has relevantly advised and reminded drivers by email as follows: GoCatch Service Standards Reminder & T&Cs Update GoCatch has updated the User Agreement Terms & Conditions here. As a reminder, the expectation is that when you accept a job, you are able to fulfil it in a timely manner...
  5. Advice
    Yes, I feel like Oliver. I am angry this evening. I received an UberX ping and the trip turned out to be 15.87 miles and about 28 minutes. I was a little surprised when I saw my pay was only $12.19 for the run. Looked at the figures and my jaw dropped. My mileage rate was .5625 and my minute...
1-5 of 5 Results