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  1. Las Vegas
    We are looking for driving partners to work with us during the Consumer Electronics Show to showcase our technology. Our intelligent perception software analyses the road while you drive and looks for risk. Our hardware can be installed in a matter of minutes - it is a smartphone used as an...
  2. Technology
    Everyone hates S.D.C.'S : ROBO CARS. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT ROBO DOCTORS !? ( With Government Healthcare, your future choices Will be REDUCED)
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Wow. RIM/Blackberry cannot even hit $150M revenue (not profit) target in 2019. Be careful of whom you mock! Apple is now one of the most rich corporations on earth and Blackberry has to deal with an overnight 20% loss of valuation...
  4. New York City
    What devices does everyone use for Wifi and how much does it cost per month.
  5. Autonomous
    Full: https://techcrunch.com/2019/01/20/uber-is-exploring-autonomous-bikes-and-scooters/amp/ Uber is looking to integrate autonomous technology into its bike and scooter-share programs. Details are scarce, but according to 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson, who said Uber announced this at a DIY...
  6. Technology
    An APP that sends a ping to the drivers closest to the pick up. Free Market pricing similar to when Uber/Lyft decide on a Price Surge based on Supply and Demand. Sort of like the Ebay of Ride Share. The difference with this APP is the drivers decide on the price and PAX can decide to accept...
  7. Technology
    Toyota is one of the only car manufacturers not to have Android Auto in the newer models due to privacy concerns. Rumor has it 2019 Avalon may have it.
  8. New York City
    I tried to 1 Star a few folks last night and report with tags like other and attitude but the app doesn’t seem to like it when I rate Uber passengers anything below 5 stars. I see that once I hit 1 Star and hit the tags, it doesn’t seem to do anything. And instead of the complete rating rider...
  9. Toronto (Ontario)
  10. News
    https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidpridham/2018/03/21/ubers-disaster-movie/ This is not about the death of a woman run over this week by an Uber driverless car. This is about what happened before the tech ever got deployed in the vehicle in the first place. It had to be stolen first. One year...
  11. Autonomous
    Uber Self-Driving Trucks are Now Moving Cargo for Uber Freight Customers Article by TechCrunch, author Darrell Etherington Uber's autonomous trucks are now doing actual work for customers via Uber Freight, Uber's commercial cargo shipping on-demand app. The first runs are being done in...
  12. Portland
    By the airport, got a pickup request. Uber says 45+ mins. At pickup the pax going to PDX. Uber app shows PDX. But Google kicks it over to the other Portland. Then at dropoff I got a rematch. Picking up, island 2, timer would not start. Uber insisted I drive closer to pax.
  13. Technology
    Why should anyone complain of a video cam? But maybe you have other ideas. I'm only stating if it were "free" because we are all interested in keeping our costs down.
  14. Delivery
    http://m.newser.com/story/251740/simple-hack-could-turn-delivery-drivers-into-burglars.html?utm_source=part&utm_medium=iheartradio&utm_campaign=rss_main Could also be titled "Well that didn't take long"
  15. Technology
    I am experiencing an issue with Waze in the Uber app, and would like to know if anyone else has had similar issues. I’m seeking a solution. What happens is when I get a ping, there is a 50/50 chance that when I press the navigation buttion, it launchs the Waze application, to provide me...
  16. Stories
    FYI: Reposting this story as my last submittal was removed due to subtle reference to my website. If anyone wants to know where they can read more of my stories, just ask. If your dog ate a half pound of your prized stash, what would you do? This is one of my favorite all-time rides as it...
  17. Stories
    It's Difficult to find Scotland after a few Beers! Do Uber and Lyft drivers have a lot of drunk rides? More than you think. This story is a good example of what drivers experience nightly, especially on weekends. For those who don't know Campbell, it once was a sleepy suburb wedged between Los...
  18. Advice
    This thread is intended as a list of more obscure Uber News sources. That will not necessarily include local news outlets that affect only one city or region. Major Uber news can be found in most major news outlets. However, good analysis of financial, technology, and other issues are more...
1-18 of 57 Results