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  1. Denver
    My post is part caution/ part question... an issue with my Uber app not receiving trips led me to this post. I am curious how many of you out there are prepared if you lose access to one or the other, or your vehicle ? This is a side job for me, so anything I earn in my free time is extra $...
  2. Raleigh-Durham
    Just got this from Uber... For those scoring at home, my name isn't A089b99e85c1e9f567d0a7f95ace74aa Gotta love the tag line "Our commitment to you" from the Tech company.
  3. Miami
    Have you drivers noticed that the range of how far you used to be able to receive pings drastically reduced? For example if i was on the corner of oakland park and us1, i used to see myself if i moved the pin to lets say commercial and us1 but now my car disappears. I estimate the range is now...
  4. Complaints
    Hi Guys, i didn't see a thread for riders so i hope its okay to post here. I don't drive through uber , but I'm currently traveling in Mexico in a city where UBER is the best way to get around ,however every time i request a ride...I get a "error in processing your request". I've sent two...
1-4 of 4 Results