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  1. Sydney
    Hey guys I started three weeks ago driving for Bolt in Sydney and haven't been paid yet I followed up with them and for the past week they were saying we have paid you it is going to be in your account soon. Then they said talk to your bank maybe they are holding it back. I called my bank and...
  2. Sydney
    It’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet nowadays, with the litany of rideshare options available. I understand that a lot of drivers are signed up to 2 or 3 rideshare providers. But logistically speaking, the drivers of ola and taxify and the like should realise that they are not only...
  3. News
    https://qz.com/africa/1568416/uber-rival-taxify-changes-name-to-bolt-adds-scooters/ Given our ambition to solve transportation problems on an increasingly broader scale, we want the brand to reflect the company's future rather than the past," said Bolt CEO and co-founder, Markus Villig in an...
  4. Sydney
    taxify asked for background check on completion of one year
  5. Sydney
    just wondering if we need another background check for taxify, can they use the Uber background check somehow? If not, how much is their background check costing us?
  6. News
    https://www.cnbcafrica.com/videos/2018/07/03/uber-taxify-drivers-go-on-strike/ "They calls us partners but we have no say" Uber, Taxify drivers go on strike If you are planning on using an Uber or Taxify today, it's best to make other plans because drivers of the ride hailing apps have shut...
  7. Melbourne
    This morning I complained to Taxify about their habit of sending ride requests far beyond the radius set on my app. In response, they blocked me for SATURDAY for 'only' accepting 57.5 % of the ride requests they sent through! (Uber has often dipped less than that.) Taxify has been an important...
  8. Brisbane
    Is it true that they are charging only 7.5% commission? Anyone signed up with OLA yet? Heard they got the permission to operate in Queensland and starting soon in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Would appreciate reviews.
  9. Sydney
    My Taxify application has been rejected because of a very old DUI charge. In 2002 I was young and stupid and was charged with mid range DUI, since then I haven't had one suspension or further DUI's, thats more than 15 years ago....Just a heads up to other drivers with a past thinking of signing up.
  10. Australia
    Hi Guys !! Just wanted to ask how many of you are switching often between Uber Taxify and Ola during a shift? This is obviously a tedious task but is it working to increase the number of fares? Is it presenting any safety hazards?
  11. Sydney
    Hi guys I have had my driver app for upwards of 4 hours around Sydney with zero rides, its been unusually quiet for me and my location. Anyone else experiencing this too this week? Thanks.
  12. Melbourne
    no trolls please. Has anyone done Uber, taxify and ola at the same time? If yes then. 1. Do you use one fone? 2. Does it work for you? Increase in income?? 3. How does fone’s battery respond? 4. Any other tip and tricks. Please share ur experience.
  13. Sydney
    Taxify seem to have responded to driver concerns somewhat for this week. Sometimes it is not worth chasing their bonuses now if an Uber surge is on. Work it out for yourselves Rideshare ants . Discount for pax is still at 15 pc.
  14. Sydney
    Anyone else having this issue? The past 5 times I’ve logged into the Taxify Driver App I’ve been unable to call up any ride history preceding 8 February 2018 and all support conversations in their entirety have disappeared! I’ve updated to the latest iOS version for my device and I’ve deleted...
  15. Sydney
    my account blocked for “ten years” for low accpetance rates. App does not respond most of the time when i get the request and i have already raised with them few times. Anyone had similar issues?
  16. Sydney
    Just received an invoice from Taxify for App Orders. Has anyone received similar things? What is that? I paid my policy check, driving history and vehicle inspections upfront by myself. So, I don't think I owe Taxify any money.
  17. Sydney
    Not a bad afternoon (Sat., 3 Feb.) on Taxify and a little bit of Uber. Taxify is in high demand from pax of all sorts. Hit the $60 bonus for 18 rides almost accidentally as the demand was on Taxify and was generally lucky to either get long rides or very short ones. Home at 23:00 and I can see...
  18. Sydney
    I got this reply back from Taxify support, they say they are working on a Cancellation fee. I hope for our sake and Taxify's that it happens soon!
  19. Sydney
    I do part-time 'Ubering'... I pick-up passengers on my way to work and when going home. IMO, this is the real concept of ride-sharing... helps to pay for petrol. :-) The 'Set a Destination' feature is really useful for drivers like me... does anyone know if Taxify will implement the same...
  20. Melbourne
    For those signed up for both who do you prefer so far.
1-20 of 35 Results