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  1. Sydney
    Taxify seem to have responded to driver concerns somewhat for this week. Sometimes it is not worth chasing their bonuses now if an Uber surge is on. Work it out for yourselves Rideshare ants . Discount for pax is still at 15 pc.
  2. Sydney
    Down she comes to slightly more achievable morning and afternoon/evening driver bonuses on Taxify. Pax discount has gone down to 15 pc See your Taxify driver app under “Campaigns”
  3. Sydney
    Good news Taxify peeps, all is the same as last week. 25 pc discount to Pax/riders and the same bonuses to drivers of 15 trips for $100 to Thursday and 18 for $100 at the weekend.
  4. Sydney
    From the in app communications: Monday-Thursday: 15 Trips = $100 bonus Friday-Sunday 18 Trips= $100 Bonus
1-4 of 4 Results