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  1. Technology
    I am looking for reviews on both Uber & Lyft's services. Has anyone used the taxi services of Uber & Lyft on the same day? If yes, What was the 1 core difference you noticed? Which one do you think is better, and why? I have used Uber's taxi service, but haven't used Lyft yet.
  2. Binghamton & Syracuse
    Taxi driver reacts after a weekend full of ride-sharing competition localsyr.com - Jul 03, 2017 By Olivia Ugino Click for VIDEO Oneida, NY (WSYR-TV) - We've been talking about them all week: ride-sharing services are here to stay in New York. Now that taxi companies have had a taste of the...
  3. Denver
    Hi all, driver for 3 months here, we don't have many drivers in our area but lately a couple local taxi companies have been bombarding with UBER related advertising, example here: Well it won't let me post a link ugh. Basically it says this: As of February 2016, Uber began operating in the Four...
1-3 of 3 Results