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  1. Introductions
    Hello! I was laid off recently and applied for unemployment. I also maintain Uber account and started driving more while looking for a full time job. How Uber reports my income to IRS, monthly or annually? On my Uber tax forms from previous years I see total income for the year, it is not broken...
  2. Australia
    Hi all, I was just signing up to be a driver, but everything seems a bit confusing. From my understanding, a driver needs an ABN, so it's like an independent business. Does that mean I should open a business account, register GST, pay income taxes myself, etc? I've never been self-employed...
  3. Taxes
    During 2019/2020 I was renting out vehicles to ants. One of them hit me up with an interesting question and I was hoping to help her out. She rented from me from the end of 2019 through 2020. She filed her taxes accordingly in both years simply deducting the rental cost, gas etc.. In 2021 she...
  4. London
    Who here is actually investing in their future, whether it's pension contributions, SIPP, investments, savings. What is your plan? How are you doing it? What tips and tricks do you have for others, such as tax reliefs etc?
  5. Melbourne
    https://www.drive.com.au/news/victorias-electric-car-tax-faces-high-court-challenge/ Great news for Uber drivers with electric cars, there is a good chance that the tax will be struck down as unconstitutional.
  6. Advice
    With S-Corp you can set aside money for retirement plans, medical, and further limit your taxes by putting yourself on payroll. But is it really worth it for the amount of money you make in rideshare? If you live off $20k yearly, but making $40k yearly then it sounds like a good idea to...
  7. London
    Anyone knows if I can put it on my expenses when filling up my self assessment tax return form? Or is it me buying a car and doesn't count as work expenses?
  8. Melbourne
    https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/apr/22/the-worst-electric-vehicle-policy-in-the-world-automotive-coalition-pans-victorias-ev-tax Victoria seems hellbent on imposing an unfair tax on electric car drivers (including myself). I’m glad to see Uber step up to the plate to challenge the...
  9. Taxes
    Edit: Just realized an earlier thread has already been created on this topic. I am moving this post there. - I am trying to be pro-active and attempting to file early as advised by security specialists in response to having a fraudulent Unemployment Insurance claim made in my name. While I...
  10. Technology
    Hey all, We're building an app for car owners and maybe Uber/Lyft drivers might want something like this: - vehicle condition history tracking - fuel fill-ups tracking + MPG comparison to all similar cars - total cost of ownership so you know how much you make $ per mile. - value of your car -...
  11. Australia
    If you receive $4000 into your bank account during August, is it your GST turn over for that month? Or, is it my gross income excluding any deductions such as UBER Fees, Booking Fees etc? Thanks
  12. Australia
    Hi there, When can we expect to have access to our tax summary? I’ve done heaps UberEats but no tax summary yet!
  13. Chicago
    Hi Drivers, We are design students from IIT working on a course project to design an application to help ride-share and delivery drivers better track their deductible expenses. That being said, we would love to invite you to an easy, remote, about-30-minute user test. As we are currently...
  14. Taxes
    "Are gig workers, freelancers and independent contractors covered? Yes, self-employed people are newly eligible for unemployment benefits. Benefit amounts will be calculated based on previous income, using a formula from the Disaster Unemployment Assistance program, according to a...
  15. Taxes
    Hello everybody! Made 26k in 9k miles. Any suggestions how to deduct a lot? thanks! Car financed
  16. Taxes
    Can you still deduct the millage in California on your 2019 taxes or does AB5 affect millage deduction
  17. San Francisco
    Typical Lyft to spin the fact that they haven't even got our annual summaries ready 2 weeks into the month as if it's a good thing.
  18. News
    State Transportation Commission to recommend changing Washington to a 'Pay Per Mile' state OLYMPIA, Wash. - State transportation leaders voted Tuesday to recommend the state's hotly debated pay-per-mile tax, which could replace the gas tax and charge drivers based on their mileage. The 16...
  19. New Jersey
    Uber Hit With $650 Million Employment Tax Bill in New Jersey (2)
1-20 of 210 Results