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  1. Taxes
    I claimed 4800 in miles to my $9300 in take home for uber and I feel like this might be very low. What is your take? I live close to a lot of the pickups and generally do not drive around all the time.
  2. New Jersey
    Let's assume, my estimated net earning I got from Uber is at loss. This loss is after deducted the operating costs likegas, maintenance, commission, insurance, tolls, car wash, data plan, etc. Do I need to pay taxes, given that I work only for Uber?
  3. Taxes
    Is this a fair price/ I rent and only have UBER and unemployment income this year.. very simple no bonds, interest etc
  4. Minneapolis
    Just curious for tax purposes, how does it work at the end of the year... Any driving this week, and on NYE will be paid in the first week of 2016 do we claim it on 2015? What about rides just after midnight NYE? Does it matter, and does Uber/Lyft provide all the information needed in this regard?
  5. San Francisco
    Hi, My name is Deen Saleh, and I'm a CPA. I also drive both uber and Lyft when tax season is over. I would love to answer your tax questions here for FREE. Disclaimer Note: my replys are not to be used as a legal advise. I disclaim any and all legal liability that might arise as a result of...
1-5 of 5 Results