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  1. Minneapolis
    Hello, I am new to the forum. I have been driving for Uber over 4 years now in Twin Cities Minnesota. 4 years of full time driving with uber, I decided go back to work for tax Accounting Firm. I really missed Uber(the crazy stories, night shift and the tax benefits).Recently, I met a Uber /Lyft...
  2. Taxes
    I got this error: I really dont want to mail it in, i feel like if turbotax does it then I wont get audited, but if i have to mail in, of course i will. I really didn't end up with a profit last year but I didn't keep my receipts. I got all this info off my bank and credit card accounts going...
  3. Australia
    im wondering if someone could explain how the tax works 1. do we add income plus uber fees together then pay gst on the total, then claim a gst credit on the uber fees? what about tolls ext? 2. for our yearly tax return can we claim the uber fees off what we actually receive? 3. which km...
  4. Washington DC
    How does everyone handle their taxes? anything written off? special exemptions?
1-4 of 4 Results