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  1. Canberra
    The cost of an ACT annual loading zone parking permit for 10 minutes at a time has been $215.20 since 1 July 2019 (up from $209). Obtaining a loading zone parking permit is something that Uber Eats delivery drivers should definitely consider and particularly so if they operate in the CBD or...
  2. Taxes
    Can I deduct both lyft express rental fees and mileage together as expenses? Or if I pick mileage deduction, cannot deduct express rental fees? Thank you
  3. Chicago
    Any clues on how to find the best recordkeeping, tax filing advice? Key word search shows a lot of info on this from 2016. Bah-humbug. I'm thinking I might get a CPA's help once, and see how they organize and arrange...and do my own work after. But maybe there are tax magicians to be found. I...
  4. Taxes
    ...does it list what those were?? This last year was my 1st one driving for ol' Travis & Uber... and the first one I understand that they allowed tips. Now, those are clearly labeled on Lyft's 1099, but of course, Uber doesn't give you a 1099 (unless you make like over $10,000). I THINK...
  5. Boston
    what will happen? what you guys think about it?
  6. Sydney
    Hi, Once you take into account Tax deductions and zero responsibility for the car, I'm wondering if you're better off using a rental car for Uber? Let's say the average rental amount is $250/w (I've seen some as low as $170/w, but there are additional signup fees which negate this "cheap"...
  7. Cleveland & Akron
    If you itemize your taxes the amount you pay for rideshare insurance may be deductible. Ask your tax preparation specialist. When asked, I provide a letter for my customers showing the difference between the normal passenger auto premium and the rideshare coverage. If you need a quote for the...
  8. Taxes
    As an Uber driver, I'm putting a ton of miles on my car and I need to claim as many as I can on my taxes. I started a thread asking for advice (see here) about the easiest way to track miles and got a bunch of suggestions. It seemed there was no consensus, and no one had really done a thorough...
  9. Toronto (Ontario)
    Just noticed that I have Monthly Tax Summary available for each month from September 2016 in partners dashboard. does anyone have it before September and how it is useful for tax filling?
  10. Technology
    Hello. I'm an Uber rookie and I'm getting myself set up. How do you log your mileage and expenses for tax purposes - gas, maintenance, insurances, parking and toll fees, etc.? Is there a particular app that is best for this, in your opinion? Or is it best to just carry a notebook and do it by...
1-10 of 10 Results