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  1. Taxes
    Hello, 2022 was my first year with Uber. I filed and was asked to provide information on wages and withholding, so a 1099 to justify my income which was reported on Form 1040 Line 25d which basically adds up the Federal Tax Withholding. IRS told me that if I don’t have a 1099 I could provide an...
  2. Chicago
    They look identical except for Box 7, "nonemployee compensation" (and nothing else is really filled in anyway). The $ in the online form is small (maybe just tips?) The $ in the mailed form is larger. Neither figure agrees, nor does the difference between them agree, with my tracked income for...
  3. Minneapolis
    Hello, I am new to the forum. I have been driving for Uber over 4 years now in Twin Cities Minnesota. 4 years of full time driving with uber, I decided go back to work for tax Accounting Firm. I really missed Uber(the crazy stories, night shift and the tax benefits).Recently, I met a Uber /Lyft...
  4. New York City
    Just wanted to know how much you guys made last year compared too how much you ended up playing in taxes... I'm not sure if you guys feel comfortable sharing that info but if you do please thanks! Also, leave any tips that might help drivers that are waiting last minute to file
  5. Taxes
    i still did not receive anything from uber yet to do my taxes. do they mail me something???
  6. Taxes
    I normally turn on my mileage tracker as soon as i leave my driveway but I do not go online for uber until I get to the other side of town, about 20-25 minutes away, I also usually end on this side of town and do not turn off my mileage tracker until I get home Are these miles tax deductable ...
  7. New Jersey
    Yearly summary finally came through today! How many miles did everyone drive?
  8. Austin
    Just got the 1099 notice from RideAustin today and I was surprised to see that Charity Roundups are included in our Gross Earnings. Does anyone know if RA is actually claiming the charitable donation for all the drivers or do the drivers get to claim the roundup charitable donation? Because it...
  9. Taxes
    Has anyone received their 1099 forms on their dashboard? I submitted the consent for it to be sent to me electrically, but have not received it. Also I started uber mid 2017. But I made less than 200 rides. Also they say that according to my account information ℹ that I did not meet the $600...
  10. New York City
    Has anyone had access to the 2017 yearly summary? I have the 2016 available but for 2017 all I have available is the monthly from Jan to Apr and a 2017 - 1099-k... wtf??
  11. Hampton Roads
    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to Uber. Been driving since January 2017. I never did 1099 before and got so confused with business license and all that... please explain me how the tax part works lol i drive only in VB. Do I need to have BL to claim my mileage? I did buy a mile tracker app, and been...
  12. Cleveland & Akron
    Last year I used Taxbot. But I find Stride to be way easier. Link below to download. https://stride.app.link/wxmXOLA6rA
  13. Charleston
    Last year I used Taxbot. But I find Stride to be way easier. Link below to download. https://stride.app.link/wxmXOLA6rA
  14. Memphis
    Just saw my 1099 for 2016. I didnt realize they are reporting on my tax, the entire fare. Not just my direct deposit money but thier 28% too. So we get 72% and pay tax on 100% ?? So is that the uber scam....they dont pay any tax?
1-14 of 14 Results