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    https://www.smart-trucking.com/pay-for-cdl-training/?fbclid=IwAR1iqYcRx4moD_dPVmGPOsxpz17RWv5jYAQC0NmmhndUZuMQ0MxrRvIpr2k People also search for state and local cdl training grants. government grants for truck drivers wia grant for cdl training can't afford truck driving school cdl grants in...
  6. Miami
    https://www.sun-sentinel.com/coronavirus/fl-ne-covid-florida-variant-cases-double-20210504-z7czta5vn5eznoymnnedcmk4wq-story.html?fbclid=IwAR03NLqgmd6yXp0h4dey2du6ndyxwkwp8NfZ_eyr9GkLyHLncZ4zHmkrbiM 0 comments 100% U
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    =AZXqRzyCA-NfMBu5Fdmc9kB3RevNhcZuPVrFXOQfM7lAj8t3ti-m_d9V7fJsuz6GKX7lFg_sqKi_gN6Wp900itEGYq1kcWUI9gQLEnnR-HtbVQ16dhovp9JMKmgmaWV5vYAbdOmvSOtMG-Lt0WD-J06sz6tpxKbkeMT6RxGz4JISdhRnUXHVbT-e9e1mKQzQXUnDwVs99JEKgWY_U13k8Qsf&tn=-UC%2CP-y-R']Vanessa Brito - Community Activist...
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  14. Tampa
    4.98 driver with 1500+ rides. Moved here from Pittsburgh in May. Even post Covid, regardless of whether I did Eats or Uber X, I could easily make $600 give or take in about 20 hours a week pretty consistently. Primarily driving in St Pete now, usually bouncing between downtown and Treasure...
  15. Tampa
    Hey guys fairly new Uber driver here. (4.97 / 350 Rides with 20+ Compliments) I’ve been on this site for about an hour now failing to find an answer to my question and most people on here seem very intent to help. So I’m aware you can make good money in the mornings but where exactly do I go to...
  16. News
    Lana Del Rey is one of my favorite female singers and I was shocked to hear the suspected kidnapper allegedly "got out of an Uber" on the way to the concert. Imagine the conversation the Uber driver had to make with this guy. Watch the video here at 37-47 seconds.
  17. Tampa
    Can i make guaranteed 50.00 a day 10-5 with uber eats?
  18. Tampa
    Hey guys/girls, i recently got unemployed and i even found a new job but dont match my single mother schedule so with no other way to make money at moment i decided to sign up for UBER/LYFT etc... I live in Carrolwood in a very busy area i plan to leave my son at school and work as a regular Job...
  19. Advice
    so every weekend after 4 am I try to use destination filter to get a run to an airport that is an hour away... in the past I could take the person there, drive drive back towards my original starting point,,, with destination filter still running and get continuous returns to the airport... now...
1-20 of 79 Results