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  1. Advice
    Why If all the tear & wear plus gas comes out of pocket, I still got to drive 3 × more than other transportation companies such as Taxis and shuttles Why if we get most of the business Web still struggling to make a decent pay week you got to put over 1500 miles a week and then if our car...
  2. Tampa
    I wanted to say thank you to a handful of members on here. The information you guys put out there & questions you were able to answer gave me some real insight. SnowTop SunchaserTampa CheesyMike Chisox1125 I'm an out of work Consultant / Engineer & the tips I got from you guys were very...
  3. Advice
    Please stop driving for UBER. They need to add a tip option or disclose that's tip are not included in the rates with the recent price decrease or bring up the price to at least $1.25 a mile. Please stop driving for a company that does not care about their so called independent contractors/...
1-3 of 3 Results