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  1. Tampa
    Hey guys and gals! Looking to transition down to tampa- hopefully better life- from the nyc/suburbs area to start doing uber. any suggestions where I can go to during the week and weekend? Hours/time frames? Any busy rushes usually? I appreciate any pointers in the beginning. Thanks in advance!
  2. Tampa
    I hit my goal, and am going to fly to Vietianne Laos on Saturday morning! I started driving in January, and banged around the entire Bay area about 4 to 5 days a week. I really enjoyed meeting some great people, and I guess I was fortunate because really only had 1 bad pax. She was just an...
  3. Tampa
    I'm a newer driver and would love to drive Uber Select. Unfortunately, as far as I understand, an Uber X driver must obtain 50 ratings of 5 stars or greater or something like that... assuming you have a vehicle that qualifies for Uber Select. I drive a 2010 Infiniti g37x and I get around 20...
  4. Advice
    I am unable to go online in St. Petersburg Florida. When I push-click the "Go Online" bottom I get a message: "Your vehicle is not allowed to operate in Tampa."
  5. Tampa
    Hi! I'm not an Uber driver, but someone interested in doing business with Uber drivers. :) I own the lot closest to Raymond James Stadium where most of the traffic walks by for football games. We park cars in our lot and have merch tents and a food truck. We're at the northeast corner of Tampa...
  6. New York City
    Goldman Sachs made a US $1 billion dollar investment in an Uber owned subsidiary that specializes in providing subprime auto loans to prospective Uber drivers. Uber is pursuing this strategy in an effort to build a captive driver pool, which will require less incentivization effectively...
  7. Tampa
    Front page of the Metro section on The Tribune, Tampa by Mr. Jeff Schweers, Tribune/Naples Daily News Capital Bureau. Very interesting. The smell of blood is in the air as this joyride of personal ATM's is about to come to a brief stop. Link to article below...
  8. Tampa
    Ok, so my wife wants us to move to Tampa, we live in Dallas right now. I drive here and make an ok amount of money ( less now since the rate cuts and new drivers flooding the market) the rates here are 85¢ a mile and 15¢ a minute. Theirs usually always people and driving between Dallas and Fort...
  9. Tampa
    Check out the Tampa bay lyft channel on Zello http://zello.me/k/cMlYA Tampa bay lyft For Ridesharing DRIVERS ONLY
1-10 of 10 Results