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tampa airport
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  1. Advice
    so every weekend after 4 am I try to use destination filter to get a run to an airport that is an hour away... in the past I could take the person there, drive drive back towards my original starting point,,, with destination filter still running and get continuous returns to the airport... now...
  2. Tampa
    Be careful out there
  3. Tampa
    I was told by TIA police that they are wearing white shirts. The 2 men that approached me I am not sure if they are legitimate. One man had a wallet looking thing around his neck and the other was wearing what appeared to be a curbside checkin outfit. Has anyone seen what they wear??
  4. Tampa
    I picked up a rider 2 weeks ago and he told me that 2 months Prior a Uber driver got like 8 tickets at Tampa International Airport. Are there any updates from drivers for Tampa International Airport policies. Are we allowed to pick up at Tampa International Airport?
1-4 of 4 Results