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  1. News
    https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/14/17350508/uber-driver-rider-rating-mid-trip Sometimes you know right away when your Uber driver is awesome. Or maybe they quickly reveal themselves to be rather creepy. For those times, Uber will let you rate your driver and leave comments in the middle of a...
  2. Autonomous
    http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-uber-pedestrian-technology-20180326-story.html Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey suspended Uber Technologies Inc.'s self-driving car tests on Monday, after the death of a pedestrian who was hit by one of the company's vehicles while crossing a road in Tempe...
  3. Los Angeles & Orange County
    https://www.scpr.org/programs/take-two/2018/01/17/61240/uber-deactivates-dozens-of-drivers-in-la/ Uber said Wednesday it will deactivate some drivers' accounts here in Los Angeles as it acknowledged a couple dozen of them have been gaming the system at Los Angeles International Airport, using...
  4. Ratings
    I am a well seasoned Uber driver and the percentage of passengers that actually rate me is only 38% out 2634 rides. So I think that if they arrive to their destination still alive and nothing unexpected happened that should be 5 stars by default because the 4 Stars I'm getting and the occasional...
  5. Delivery
    Is the new door dash system glitching or are they as bad as Uber with the ratings? I had a 4.86 at the start of the night and dropped to 4.56 in 3.5 hours. I have over 100 deliveries in total. Is this punishment for asking to leave a restaurant that was taking 40 min. on a $12 order?
1-6 of 7 Results