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  1. Connecticut
    Called support, said there was an issue, but they are working to correct it. Of course this was right before 1. No requests were coming through, and absolute joke last night. It was obvious the system was messed up, and of course support is no support. Maybe this the secrete behind the new surge...
  2. Complaints
    last night I received a message in app that my account was flagged because I haven’t completed my UberEATS deliveries. This is completely false. I have a 97% customer rating and would never steal food. When I tried to call the reps say they’re having issues and hang up. I emailed and they came...
  3. New Jersey
    I did a few rides today every trip says processing still......I'm assuming its not just me
  4. New Jersey
    So, I am seeing threads from all over the country about how trips ended early or couldn't start or finish trips at about 11:30pm EST last night. Glitches happen. Hopefully everyone gets paid fairly and all works out. But it made me think of the last time the system actually went down. It...
1-4 of 4 Results