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  1. Sydney
    I got fine while picking up customer at Domestic Airport Qantas arrival. Fine is been issued by Sydney Airport. I only pick up the rider because she was threatening for the low rating. Is the fine enforceable given its been issued by the private company? Do I have to pay it? The photo was taken...
  2. Sydney
    I think is time to be serious about Uber does taking 25% . I have been driving from June 2016 and Uber take the decision to increase from 20% to 25% I realise affected my income. More trips and less money!!!! Strike is what we need!!! I call everyone to stop one day and see what happens...
  3. Sydney
    Hi Everyone, We are looking for more drivers to join us in Sydney so we thought we might give the forum another whirl. Who are Get Picked Up? We originally started as a Limousine/Hire Car operation and have operated in all capital and main cities in Australia for the past 4 years. Since the...
  4. Sydney
    Hi guys I just sign up for Uber on 9 September, got my background check on 14th, still waiting my DAC to start the job. Does anyone have any ideas how long do I have to wait to hear back from Uber? I let Uber to submit the application for me. Or it's batter to start a new application to rms...
  5. Sydney
    $12.82! Way too many drivers! Uber really is not worthwhile doing anymore. I think this may actually be my last weekend, I've better ways to waste an hour. Good luck uber with your ex taxi drivers and their 9 year old camrys and Nissan micras!
1-5 of 5 Results