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  1. Sydney
    Hi Fellows, I have just had an accident possibly at fault, still cant say. I have full ridshare Insurance on Privately owned (registered) vehicle. What possible issues I can get into, this is my first ever accident, so I'm totally unaware what to expect next. Any insight from any of you is...
  2. Advice
    Guys sorry only new to uber and based in the blue mountains. Is the drop off and pick up points the same area for the airport (prioity pick up)? i understand international and domestic are different but what about the zones? I cant seem to find information Thanks guys n gals
  3. Sydney
    Hi all. I drive late nights Uber x and Uber select. The last couple of days when i get a uber x job some Pax have been saying they are lucky and got upgraded to a Uber select for the same price as a Uber x. I didn’t think anything of it but when 3 different pax said the same thing I thought it...
1-4 of 4 Results