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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    Why did Uber not keep the toggle switch for the online and offline? Now I have to change screen to go offline? Do the Uber software engineers actually use the app themselves? :confused::confused::confused::confused: Even the Lyft App has a toggle switch for online and offline. WTF...
  2. News
    Despite being against Uber's policy, illegal, having inproper insurance during ride, many YouTubers are cashing in on surprising riders with exotic pickups stunts in order to gain subscribers and views. Often times recording and posting unnecessary acceleration and speed in a borrowed car. Many...
  3. Minneapolis
    so I get a run that is 8 minutes away and I am on the way to pick up. Then the system all of the sudden cancels this and tells me that they have someone closer and are detouring. That is all fine and dandy and perfectly efficient. ....but then the 2nd run cancels on me before the 5 minute...
  4. Atlanta
    Any new information on JUNO coming to Atlanta? Will it happen this year? I can't wait, sounds so much better than UBER treatment towards the drivers.
  5. Lyft
    I live in an unincorporated city of Los Angeles. Orange County is about 20 miles south of me yet Lyft assigned me to drive in the OC. I have not moved. I just want to change my driving region. Has anyone successfully done so? I Lyft very part time. Lyft may not care about that or that I...
1-5 of 5 Results