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  1. Canberra
    Article in RiotACT: https://the-riotact.com/canberra-uber-drivers-face-racist-comments-poor-pay-and-requests-for-sexual-favours/272230 Canberra Uber drivers face racist comments, poor pay and requests for sexual favours By Glynis Quinlan 5 November 2018 A Canberra Uber driver has been...
  2. Tips
    Take the Survey and Support in-App Tipping! This is real, not a joke. Get info at: https://uberpeople.net/threads/get-tips-bonus-after-completing-survey.148300/
  3. Advice
    Take the Survey and Support in-App Tipping! You may soon receive the following email from Uber. It's mostly about adding Tipping to the rider-App. While there is no guarantee that Uber will pay attention to the results. However, they will give a $15 Amazon gift code to drivers that complete the...
  4. Seattle
    Please reach out to me for discounted RIDE SHARE full coverage packages to save you money per month and initiate a refund with you current insurance provider for cancellation. Also, I am making a contact list of all drivers in Redmond, East-Side and the greater Seattle area for survey incentives...