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  1. Washington DC
    Got my 1st “ Stops” Ride last night. It was surging 1.6, so I thought... as many Stops as they want.. I’m game. Good distance too from downtown DC to Rockville than Silver Spring. And Uber lost $$. A win- win. I know this new ride probably sucks most of the time, if base fare and little...
  2. Atlanta
    You guys give great advice. So grateful for this website otherwise I would go crazy trying to make a little extra money. I've wised up and stopped expecting pools. I couldn't believe how much more I was making after doing that. It was like someone flipped on a switch. Now I drive only when it...
  3. Cedar Rapids
    Im not sure anyone will even read this as it doesn't look like many Cedar Rapidians actually use this forum but here goes. Am I the only who has noticed that since the flood Uber prices have never surged on the west side? I noticed the week of the flood that they had obviously turned surging...
  4. Washington DC
    Where you at comrades?
  5. Advice
    I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed with the way Uber has changed the driving app last month to show surging. It seems to now be virtually impossible to tell when, where and how much there is surging unlike before when it was very clear, obvious and easy to navigate. The only indicator...
1-5 of 5 Results