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  1. Lyft
    I have seen this posted several times in several blogs across the internet, Is Lyft stealing my tips? Most of these posts allude to the fact that the driver believes a passenger has honestly sent them a tip and for some unknown reason they never receive it. This leads the...
  2. Chicago
    I don't ascribe to the saying "App off until surge on" as much as some here do, but I noticed lately I'll watch the app after dropping off and not accepting rides. I see there's no surges nearby (or anywhere). Suspicious, I turn the app on real quick, and there's red clouds all around. It's...
  3. Chicago
    There are some trips where I get a surge - let's say $5 - when I accept the trip. But when the trip is over, the actual surge is much higher than what it was when I accepted the trip. Sometimes, it can be several times the dollar amount that showed when I accepted the trip. It doesn't happen on...
  4. San Diego
    Let’s talk about these lovely boost+ that is offered. 9 dollars per ride is so massively helpful. But, with Uber being Uber , next week I’m down to around like 3 bucks per trip. Enjoy these boost+ while they last , because for me (and maybe for you) the boost went from 9 dollars down to being...
  5. Chicago
    Hello all, Since Friday may 13th midnight. I see all surge has been taken off from the map. Is this a glitch? Please confirm I'm freaking out
  6. Lyft
    Hey guys just seeing if anyone in Rhode island saw any pink zones this weekend, I haven't seen any since last Tuesday and I'm wondering if they are trying to get rid of it or if it's an issue with my app.
  7. Advice
    We need to help each other out. This is the official thread to help one another by sharing strategies. Please post any tricks or app glitches that could be used here by drivers and please post location(like LA, Boston, city you are in etc) so that we can all benefit from one another.
  8. Boston
    Was it an abnormally slow weekend for everyone? I expected many more trips and surges as it’s so close to Christmas. The streets were full of traffic. Anyone else confused, or was it just me?
  9. Surge
    Hey everyone I'm new here. Stumbled on this site because I am so frustrated I can't think. So, if anyone can help me or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciate! A few months ago I started noticing that I was not getting surge pricing when the map turns different colors...
  10. Boston
    I wish I could share a screenshot video I took. I tried downloading it to my files and uploading that way but for some reason this message board won’t let me attach it… So, last Saturday night, I was reduced to tears as my surge hasn’t been locking in ever since they turned me back on after a 5...
  11. Brisbane
    DIDi doesn’t surge it only pays long pick up distance fees. Below is a picture of me in so called surge zone - Below is a picture of a fare offered a short distance away. No surge even though in in the middle of red - Then comes a fare offered 11mins (Realistically 15min away) & surge is...
  12. Surge
    Hello, I'll be getting married tomorrow and I'm wondering if there is a way I can alert Uber drivers that we expect a surge late tomorrow night (probably around 10pm-1am). I'm already trying to create a business account to subsidize the cost of the rides, but wasn't sure if there was more I...
  13. Surge
    anyone know of a way to get historical surge data?
  14. Washington DC
    Had to drive down to DC this morning. Seeing nothing but red and yellow. Is that every morning? And its not just the city surging... its the counties around it too. A 50 miles radius from Bestheda all the way to Suitland. Congrats to anyone who calls Dc their market.
  15. Advice
    Hello, Are there any working apps out there that have historical surge data and/or notify you when surge is occurring? If not, can you get access to this data via the Uber API?
  16. Pay
    What is up with Uber this last month in Charlotte NC? Surge is minimal yet there are so many people out on the weekend. Uber makes us chase the surge only to disappear or not award the surge when you arrive at the designated location. I’d like to hear how you are handling this latest game by Uber.
  17. Stories
    https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ride-hailing-algorithms-questioned-as-black-woman-quoted-more-than-white-man-for-same-toronto-trip-1.5559820 Racist and Sexist Algorithm Is Uber spying on us, while collecting information from our smartphone, and targeting people or cohorts that will pay more for...
  18. Toronto (Ontario)
    https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/ride-hailing-algorithms-questioned-as-black-woman-quoted-more-than-white-man-for-same-toronto-trip-1.5559820 Racist and Sexist Uber Algorithm Is Uber spying on us, while collecting information from our smartphone, and targeting people or cohorts that will pay more...
  19. UberEATS
    Sign the Petition The whole issue is thoughtfully outlined in the petition, with links to the only article that shows a similar case, and many threads of people experiencing a random elimination of surge. I went from 800 to 1400 deliveries and I haven't received 100 percent of surges I had an...
  20. Advice
    You are here because you want to make money! I will tell you how you should do your job as an Uber Driver right, if you're a part timer for Uber then this thread is not for you. Which car should I use? DO NOT use your own vehicle, you will be paying more than you are earning in terms of car...
1-20 of 500 Results