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  1. Washington DC
    So Uber's shielding Reagan Airport from Surge. I'm not out tonight but really? Go **** yourself Dara
  2. Washington DC
    Really Uber. Geofencing the Pig Pen Surge yet AGAIN????
  3. Washington DC
    Why the fornicate do they geofence off the DCA Pig Pen from Surge? My favorite, surge in the goddamn river and island but not the airport: I'm the 'closest driver' yet you won't turn Surge on? Screw a goat Dara
  4. Washington DC
    Anyone else notice this? Being a good surge harlot I I was checking out what the surge was in different areas. It was a very light orange, but it showed a very high surge. This used to be red, now it's light orange.
1-4 of 4 Results