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  1. Dallas
    Last night for an Uber trip from Love Field to Mansfield: This trip started at Love Field (DAL) during a surge period. The initial ping came in on a street adjacent to the airport but passenger called immediately and said they were at the terminal. Prior to the trip the entire airport area was...
  2. Orlando
    This started on Saturday. I have to use the rider's app to try to figure out if there is a surge in any given area. The heat maps are not displaying on my driver's app. Has anyone else had this issue?
  3. Advice
    I could see them until 7-10 days ago. Surge Notifications on in settings. Any ideas on why this is happening?
  4. Dallas
    I am the only one who is NOT seeing the surge? It is 1:45am on Friday night & there is NO surge. It has been blank the whole day... Around deep Ellum right now :(
  5. Kansas City
    I'm a new driver and I really like it so far.. I'm not hitting any surges. I'm driving all over KC and making 7 dollars here and maybe 5 bucks there.. Is this the normal? I'm not really making the money I thought. I heard uber drivers can make 700 dollars a week. But... So far I've busted my...
  6. New Jersey
    I have what I think is the latest app for the iPhone. No surges are shown. I did pick up a rider and got a surge price. No clue what is going on
1-6 of 6 Results