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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello everyone. Lets discuss how to plan this. Its been on the books for a while. BUT a drunk PAX, just informed me, CALI ( evil grin ) has the passed the 4:00am bar rule. BARS wil now be allowed to stay open till 4:00 am, what is your first reactiom to this. Freerideany1 all I have to say...
  2. Atlanta
    2.2-2.6 Surge for HOURS at the ATL Airport on a snowy Saturday morning. It was odd because surge map was lit up for the Airport area. But no ride requests were coming from the airport terminal. However, all requests were 20 min to 25 min outside of the airport. There were 10-15 Uber drivers...
  3. Surge
    Good morning everyone. I dont see how anyone that drives uberx can make any money without surge in place. I accidentally went online while in Drexel Hill after I had installed the app and recieved my first ping! I didnt know how to accept it at first so my first instinct was to "tap" the screen...
  4. Fort Myers & Naples
    I wanted to ask about this a couple days ago, but was anyone out driving on Friday night around 10pm and saw the Estero area surge to a huge 3.9x??? It surged about an hour earlier and I was close, but know not to chase surges, but then after dropping off a pax it surged again and I was only...
  5. San Francisco
    So I've been driving for over about 7 months and just about three months ago in April I started to notice that UberSurge would be bright red meaning 3.0 surge from Belmont All the Way South to Mountain View, Early in the weekday mornings like 5 a.m. So of course I go online while in san carlos...
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I've seen this for the longest but I don't get why people still like the surge and incentives. The Uber fee is usually near the same amount as your surge money plus boost money. So what is the point of these incentives?
  7. Houston
    After sitting in a search area for 25 minutes I never got ONE THING not a ping or pong. The moment the search was over, I get a hit! It's 12 miles away. I decided not to accept it. Am I a Uber *****? Is Uber my PIMP? Mama didn't raise no fool! . Mom didn't raise no fools!
1-7 of 7 Results