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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    What's happening? Been slow for a lot of people this month; figured I'd emerge from lurk mode and spend a bit of time sharing and learning. Even the best of us can benefit from a morale boost at times. Yes, the thread title was inspired by reddit, one of my favorite sites. Ask me anything. :)
  2. Asheville
    For some time now I have been trying to find a way to track surges. I realize that there are apps that do this, but quite often they produce spurious results. SurgeChaser was good for a while, but now it is showing me surges when & where there are none. I considered making a node.JS app (which...
  3. San Francisco
    I've never seen surge applicable on uber select requests. I do see it though on x and pool. Is that observation correct?
  4. Advice
    I'm a new uber driver. I picked up just after the game last night at AT&T stadium. Rider told me that one of his friends paid 190$ from stadium to downtown dallas... Is that possible? I took him downtown too and his fare was less than 25$ Is it best to stay online when near surge areas or...
  5. Stories
    So earlier this week I went once again to the Uber office as to not break the habit of paying them a weekly visit. Aside from asking them to fix some changes their system apparently made Monday morning I also asked for insight on surge maps given a recent incident where I was not paid a surge...
1-5 of 5 Results