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  1. Technology
    So I'm driving (I drive in Chicago) with an UberX passenger in My vehicle and a new Uber EATS fare pops up. I have auto accept turned on, for some reason when I'm on an UberX fare and I get an Uber EATS next trip fare...it accepts it, then cancels it right away... nothing I can do about that...
  2. Stories
    Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
  3. Complaints
    Brand new to the site but I have been driving Uber and Lyft for a year and a half in Denver. I get horrible service from Uber support every time I call but THIS IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL FOR ME :i'm mad: *RANT: I just got my driver's license and my yearly vehicle registration renewed at the same...
  4. San Francisco
    Im curious if I’m alone. Every single day for the past nine, the new Driver app fails to do one or more of the simple things we depend on it to do, like process fares and keep a running list of trips in real time, track driver promotions and progress, pay out, or count to three. As a result of...
  5. UberEATS
    I live near Dallas. I hate Dallas. I just nearly didn't take this job because I hate Dallas. I was finally convinced that I needed to do something to get out of the house and try to make some money, and while it hasn't been a lot of money and I have the same complaints that most everyone else...
1-5 of 5 Results