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support is a joke
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  1. Houston
    Just curious, I had a rider thru uber. Upon my arrival I notice that I'm the only one there. I see a man with a dog. I asked the rider if he was the man with the dog. He replies that he is blind and he has a service animal with him. I paused. I never been put in a situation like this. I do uber...
  2. Stories
    Abandon all hope, ye who enter here
  3. Complaints
    Brand new to the site but I have been driving Uber and Lyft for a year and a half in Denver. I get horrible service from Uber support every time I call but THIS IS ON ANOTHER LEVEL FOR ME :i'm mad: *RANT: I just got my driver's license and my yearly vehicle registration renewed at the same...
  4. Boston
    Well, after 2 full days of 10 useless emails exchanges with Uber Support, a supervisor tonight finally admitted their CSR responses were filled with WRONG info. Here's my initial complaint in a nutshell: Monday night I picked up $23 surge at Logan and dropped off pax in Kenmore Sq. $23 flat fee...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Curious if any of you know how long the airport placards are supposed to be valid for?? Are they good indefinitely? Just for a year? Or just for that vehicle? I took, passed, and received my placard some 2 years back. Since then, I've had to switch to a different vehicle, but since the placards...
  6. Complaints
    i just had a trip to Lawrence Ave W, my rider know where she's going but she just let me follow the directions on app. After we arrive the destination she figured out that's completely opposite way to her home. She did put the right address in the app, which is Lawrence Ave W, then she tried to...
  7. Advice
    I find it very frustrating that Uber seems to make it so difficult for riders to reach a live support person. I have literally wasted hours trying to find a way to contact a real person by phone. Recently, I resorted to creating a new email so that I could apply as a new driver and access Uber...
  8. Complaints
    is it just me or does Uber seem to do it's very best to HIDE the ability to open support requests?! I want to open a support ticket for a ride that i cancelled before it started..Since it wasnt ever an official ride apparently (because i cancelled it), i can't select it from the list of rides...
  9. Lyft
    So been driving lyft for a couple of months now , i have had to switch to a new car , and from the 'stache to the Amp during this time . anyway not sure if it's just me , but Lyft Driver Support seems to have REALLY diminished recently ... main example is , since the Lyft airport placards have...
  10. Las Vegas
    Im just going to leave this here. Thoughts?
  11. Complaints
    How do these people expect to grow a business with this type of support. No number to call, every time you twitter them or use the in app help, they tell you to use that other method and then rarely answer. The web site looks like it was designed by a child as far as finding information on it.
  12. Washington DC
    I emailed support "Blah blah blah" Apparently they resolved my issue.
1-12 of 12 Results