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  1. Washington DC
    So Thursday October 28th, I noticed two trips were grossly underpaid. They both have the correct address pick up and drop off but the image (on the trip detail) is incorrect showing a much shorter trip. I have contacted Uber 3 times on one trip and twice on the 2nd trip, and have not heard...
  2. Houston
    It was most notable last night. I received back to back wrong addresses for pickup. Noooo it wasn't my phone or app itself. I confirmed with 6 passengers and they were having problems with Uber drivers finding them just to find out Uber app was sending out wrong p/u address to drivers. I sent...
  3. Chicago
    So I uploaded my new inspection 2 weeks ago and on my account it says it is valid until April of 3000. Yes I have almost 984 years until it needs inspected again. At the same time I am still getting texts saying my inspection expires this week. Tried to figure out how to contact them to check if...
  4. Complaints
    Nothing is more frustrating than asking Uber a question and they respond by saying "We've Resolved Your Issue With Trip Dated bla bla" Amazing that they are able to resolve and close every single ticket just like that. No Uber, you have not resolved it. You didn't even address the issue.